Top 5 Worst Pokémon Evolutions

One of the most exciting parts of playing one of the games is when one of your pokémon evolve.  They usually evolve into something bigger, stronger, and cooler.  However, sometimes you end up just being disappointed at the waste of potential.  Here are the top five worst evolutions.

5. Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff

If anyone actually decided to use a Jigglypuff in their party, what they got was a normal-type pink balloon pokémon.  It’s only notable ability is to make things fall asleep.  That’s right, it’s so boring that all it can do is put things to sleep.  Well it worked on me, that’s for sure.  Unfortunately, it evolves into Wigglytuff, which is just a weird shaped balloon and also has dumb hair. 



4. Diglett to Dugtrio

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind Diglett as a pokémon.  It is able to use dig, which is a fairly powerful move.  What I do mind is what it evolves into.  It shouldn’t even count as one, as all it becomes is Dugtrio, which is simply three Digletts working together.  Why doesn’t like 100 of them just work together if they can do that? BLAH



3. Magnemite to Magneton

Just read everything I wrote about Dugtrio and it applies here. 



2. Voltorb to Electrode

It starts out as a pokémon with eyes.  When it evolves, it becomes slightly bigger and turns upside down.  COME ON!



1. Grimer to Muk

By now everyone knows how much I dislike Grimer.  It’s a pile of sludge.  Want to know what it evolves into? Muk, a larger pile of sludge. 




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