Top Five Lamest Pokémon

The world of Pokémon is filled with many different wonderful and unique varieties.  This list, however, will focus on the lamest of the lame.  One has to wonder what the the design team was thinking when some of these were created. 

5.  Grimer

How much would your opponent laugh if during a battle you threw out a pokéball and a blob of gross sludge with eye balls came out?  Not very intimidating.  At least it evolves into something really cool right? (Stay tuned for the reason for this overly sarcastic remark)

4.  Voltorb

They must have really been running out of ideas by this point.  Someone must have said, “let’s just make it look like a pokéball that has eyes.”  Real creative guys.

3.  Metapod/Kakuna

Not only do these cocoon pokémon look lame, but odds are if you catch one the only move it knows is “harden.”  Oh that’s really going to scare the other pokémon, by becoming slightly better protected.  Psh yeah right.  The only good thing about them is the fact that once they evolve they make up for the total lameness.

2.  Magikarp

Sigh. While Metapod and Kakuna may have only been able to use “harden,” at least that move actually does something.  Try catching a Magikarp and then attempt to battle with it.  The only move it knows is “splash,” which is utterly useless.  The only redeeming quality is that Gyarados is so darn awesome.  If only getting that Magikarp to level 20 wasn’t so painful.

1.  Lickitung

It’s a pink thing.  It has a giant tongue.  I’m not even going to say anything more, the existence of Lickitung just makes me sad deep down.


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