Pokémon Week!

I recently purchased the White Version of the new Pokémon game, and it has gotten me excited about the little critters all over again.  Therefore I have decided to dedicate this entire next week to all things related to Pokémon.  I have spent more hours than I care to admit playing the different games, and I feel that it is my duty to share my expertise with all of you. 

Some notes:

– I will only be talking about the original 150 pokémon from Blue/Red Version.  Although all of the games are fun, the first games were definitely the best and are the closest to my heart.  Besides, I don’t feel like studying over 800 pokémon that now exist.

– This week I am clearly limiting my reader base.  My parents are  probably my only readers anyway, and I can guarantee they will neither know nor care about anything I will be talking about.  Oh well!


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One response to “Pokémon Week!

  1. Jeanne Adam

    Oh, but Danny, I do care! As your mom, I will read anything you write and think it is awesome. 🙂

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